Children in Africa
Need your help

Many children in Africa face long, dangerous walks on dark, rural roads just to get to school. We need your help to provide bicycles to these children through Cycle to School projects.

Support our efforts to fund these projects in The Gambia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone,
and ease their challenging journeys.

Children in africa need your help

Our mission extends beyond donating bikes. By providing training and tools to our partners in Africa, we aim to further support their Cycle to School projects. 

Containers to Africa
Bikes to Africa

A bicycle can provide a lifeline

Do you have a bicycle that you no longer use?

Donate it to Re-Cycle and help change lives.

How We Work


We collect unwanted bicycles from across the UK, saving them from ending up in landfills.


We prepare and load the bicycles into containers, which are then shipped to our partners in Africa.


Our trusted partners distribute the bicycles, any funds generated from the bicycles go towards supporting local projects.

Did you know

We also have bikes for sale

We also sell bikes locally. Some bikes aren’t suitable for our African projects but are perfect for resale, including those with intricate components. Our skilled mechanics meticulously refurbish them for this purpose.

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