Help Provide a Bicycle Lifeline to People in Rural Africa

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make to us today will be used to help provide a bicycle lifeline to people in rural Africa.

Family Bicycle

Empowering communities through bicycles

At Re-Cycle, we believe that bicycles have the power to transform lives in rural Africa. For many people living in remote areas, access to basic needs like education, healthcare, and employment is a daily challenge. With limited transportation options, people are often forced to walk long distances, which can be time-consuming and physically exhausting.

How your donations help

£32 could send a bicycle to our partners in Africa

From receiving it at our warehouse, to putting it into the hands of a person living in Africa.

£1,600 could support a full Cycle to School programme in Africa

The Cycle to School is aimed to support students traveling long distances to schools in the rural villages.