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Re-Cycle Charity proudly collaborates with Village Bicycle Project to enhance bicycle culture and empower communities. Together, we provide quality bicycles and hands-on maintenance training, addressing gender inequalities and fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

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Re-Cycle has sent Sierra Leone


Re-Cycle has sent Sierra Leone


In Sierra Leone, VBP focuses on bicycles and programs in rural areas as the poverty rate is very high and the opportunity to access bicycles can have a huge positive impact in these rural communities. They specifically target different beneficiary groups but mainly focus on women and girls as much as possible and have three different styles of project that they run:

  1. One day Workshops, where they do training and bike distribution
  2. Learn to Ride, where they teach students to ride a bike
  3. Bicycle Mechanical training, where they teach local mechanics 

Village Bicycle Project was established in 1999 and has been working in Sierra Leone since 2009. Their development projects focus mainly on the prevention and relief of poverty, especially for women and girls. By working in rural areas, they are also focusing on communities that are most in need, who often are not supported by development programs due to the remote locations.

Transformative Bicycles for Girls in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, a significant initiative has unfolded to enhance access to education for 50 girls and Our Lady Of Guadalupe schools. The program involved providing comprehensive training covering safety, basic mechanical skills, and general public riding skills.

Following the training, 25 bicycles were joyfully left at the two schools, transforming the daily commute for girls who previously walked 7-8 miles. This not only ensures a more efficient means of transportation to school but also brings smiles to their faces, as the bikes prove instrumental in supporting their family responsibilities.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to Abdul Karim Kamara for orchestrating the distribution of these bicycles. Special thanks are extended to the Village Bicycle Project and all its partners for their consistent support in advancing this meaningful cause.

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