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Re-Cycle Charity proudly collaborates with Village Bicycle Project to enhance bicycle culture and empower communities. Together, we provide quality bicycles and hands-on maintenance training, addressing gender inequalities and fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

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Re-Cycle has sent VBP, Ghana


Re-Cycle has sent VBP, Ghana


Village Bicycle Project (VBP) programs not only promote cycling as an appealing choice for entire communities but also enhance mobility, fostering increased productivity and better access to jobs, schools, and healthcare. The environmental and health benefits of cycling further contribute to the attractiveness of this mode of transportation.

Bicycles offer a time-efficient means of transportation, significantly improving access to income, health, and education. Farmers can transport goods to markets in a fraction of the time, students save hours on their journey to school, allowing for more study time, and mothers find it easier to carry children and supplies.

Village Bicycle Project run bicycle programs for entire communities. Women and girls, who are frequently marginalised, are specifically targeted for inclusion in programs which begin to address the gender inequalities that limit their access to bicycles.

Bicycles Changing Lives...

Meet Freda from Ghana. Freda is 18 years old and attends Kaneshie Senior Technical School in Accra, Ghana. She lives in Kasoa which is a 2-hour journey from school. 

Before she got her bike Freda left her home at 5am every morning to start her long journey to school so that she would try to arrive on time before the start of the school day. Her journey to school used to be a combination of walking and taxis.

Now that she has got a bike her journey time to get to school has been dramatically reduced and she always arrives on time and less tired. When she doesn’t use her bike to get to school, her younger brother uses it.

When Freda has completed her studies, she would like to become a fashion designer.


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