Our mission is to change lives through bicycle re-use

Thousands of bicycles sit idle in sheds and garages across the UK, facing the possibility of ending up in landfills—an unsustainable outcome that can be prevented.

Our goal is to ensure every individual in Africa can enjoy access to reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly bicycle transportation, enhancing independence and improving overall quality of life.

Our bikes do exactly that.

Re-Cycle Warehouse
Bicycle Donations

 Why Bikes?

Most Africans lack access to any form of transport and spend hours every day walking to collect clean water, firewood or to reach school or work.

 What We Do

Re-Cycle works in partnership with four organisations across four different African countries, each one doing something inspiring and empowering with the bicycles we send them. 

 Where We Work

All Re-Cycle’s partners are non-profit NGOs and any surplus funds generated from the sale of bicycles go towards community-based projects.

 Our Impact

Re-Cycle has been sending bikes to Africa for 25 years. We have sent over 140,000 bikes and hundreds of thousands of spare parts.

Our 5 Year Strategy

Our strategy document sets out Re-Cycle’s high-level objectives and planning.

This plan covers Re-Cycle’s work in the UK, and the collaborative work with its partners in Africa, over the next five years. Providing an opportunity to work together to achieve Re-Cycle’s Vision and Mission, underpinned by its Values.

In Africa, a bicycle can change a life.