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Since its inception in July 1997, Re-Cycle has been dedicated to a singular mission: providing bicycles to African communities in need.

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Afribike South Africa 2000

In July 1998, the first container was sent to Africa, marking a significant milestone. Afribrike in South Africa became Re-Cycle’s first large-scale African partner, setting the stage for what was to come.

April 2003 saw the initiation of a partnership with Village Bicycle Project (VBP) in Ghana, promoting bicycles as a useful and viable mode of transportation. The same month, Re-Cycle celebrated sending its 10,000th bicycle to Africa.

In November 2004, 300 used Royal Mail bicycles were dispatched to Liberia, furthering the organization’s impact. May 2005 saw the addition of a new African partner, the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) in Namibia. Over the next decade, Re-Cycle sent 16 containers and over 6556 bicycles to BEN Namibia, significantly contributing to mobility in the region.

December 2005 marked a move for Re-Cycle to Moorside, Colchester, providing a solid foundation for its operations. The following year, in October 2006, Re-Cycle celebrated sending its 20,000th bicycle to Africa, highlighting the continued growth and impact of the organisation.

In September, Re-Cycle initiated Dr Bike, an endeavor to further promote and support bicycle usage. Additionally, September saw the addition of a new Africa partner, the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) in South Africa, addressing poverty and mobility through bicycle promotion.

May of 2009, Re-Cycle expanded its network to include Kaloko Trust in Zambia, now known as Care Providers Foundation Zambia. This organisation helps develop income generation through self-help projects. July marked the addition of two new Africa partners, Glad’s House in Kenya and Ability Bikes Cooperative in Ghana. Over the next decade, Re-Cycle sent 22 containers and 9943 bicycles to Kenya, and 4 containers with 1824 bicycles to Ability Bikes in Ghana.

November also saw the addition of a new African partner, Mchinji Bicycle Workshop in Malawi, receiving 4 containers with 1824 bicycles between 2010 and 2014. In February 2011, the 100th container was shipped, signifying a decade of impactful work.

April 2012 brought the dispatch of Re-Cycle’s 40,000th bicycle to Africa. In May 2021, Re-Cycle moved to Gunfleet Business Park, Colchester, setting the stage for further expansion and impact. In July, Re-Cycle initiated a partnership with Halfords, enabling easier access to bicycle donations. 

October saw the addition of a new Africa partner, Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) in The Gambia, focusing on education, skills training, and healthcare.

Re-Cycle Bike in The Gambia
Wonder Years Centre of Excellence WYCE

In December 2012, Re-Cycle achieved the monumental feat of sending its 50,000th bicycle to Africa, marking yet another significant milestone.

May 2014 saw another move for Re-Cycle, this time to Wormingford, Colchester, as the charity continued to grow.

March 2015 celebrated the dispatch of the 60,000th bicycle to Africa, followed by Chris Boardman becoming the patron of Re-Cycle in March 2016, advocating for the bicycle as the most efficient mode of transport.

July 2016 marked the shipment of the 200th container, a testament to the sustained effort and support. In July 2018, Re-Cycle proudly sent its 100,000th bicycle to Africa, solidifying its position as a leading force in providing sustainable transport to those in need.

In March 2019, Re-Cycle initiated a partnership with Chimney Fire Coffee. 

April 2023 saw the shipment of the 300th container, reflecting the continued growth and impact of Re-Cycle.

In May 2023, Re-Cycle expanded its collaboration with Village Bicycle Project (VBP) to Sierra Leone, further extending its reach and impact. 

Re-Cycle in Sierra Leone
Village Bicycle Project Karim Stylish

Since 1997, Re-Cycle has shipped over 140,000 bicycles to our partners across Africa

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