Case Study: Sarah’s Story – Sierra Leone

In Chandata, Sierra Leone, resides Sarah Y Conteh, an ambitious 18-year-old aspiring lawyer who recently received a life-changing gift from across the globe – a bicycle sent from Re-Cycle UK.




Sarah faced daily challenges commuting to her university in Makeni City, covering a distance of 11 miles. The daily commute not only consumed 30 SLL every day but also took 2.5 hours, presenting a substantial hindrance to her studies and dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Sarah purchased her bike for 1,200 SLL, an investment that not only eased her daily commute but also contributed to local commerce.



The Impact of the Bicycle:

Motivated by her commitment to education, Sarah acquired a bicycle to ease her daily commute. The bicycle further improved her mobility, with impacts extending in various directions:

Time Efficiency: Sarah’s daily journeys, which previously consumed 2.5 hours, have been significantly reduced to less than 40 minutes, allowing her to dedicate more time to her studies and additional classes.

Financial Relief: The money Sarah paid for her bike, which goes back into the local community through the bike shop, contributes to funding local projects. This not only supports the community economically but also creates a positive cycle of impact.

Expanded Access: With the bicycle, Sarah has expanded access to essential services such as food markets, contributing to her overall well-being.

One Bicycle, Multiple Lives Improved: The bicycle is not solely a personal asset; it has become a shared resource within her family. Sarah’s siblings, particularly her brother, also benefit from the improved mobility, emphasising the community-wide impact of the donation.


Future Aspirations:

As a first-year student studying political science in Makeni City, Sarah says;

My dream is to become a lawyer and support my family and friends

The bicycle serves as not only a tool for reducing immediate commuting challenges but also as a catalyst for positive change within the community.



The donated bicycle, initially a gesture from the UK, has become a catalyst for positive change in Sarah’s life and has contributed to the economic vibrancy of the local community. Beyond the physical and economic benefits, it underscores the potential of small actions to create a lasting and positive impact on communities in Sierra Leone and around the world.



To read more about our partners Village Bicycle Project, Sierra Leone, CLICK HERE

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