Changing Lives in Africa

One Bike at a Time

The bikes we ship provide communities with access to:


A bicycle can cut journey times by up to 75%, allowing students to travel safely to and from school with energy left to learn and time to rest.


A bike can increase a family's income in Africa by 35%. Anything traded must be transported, and a bike opens up numerous possibilities for traders.


A bike helps a person carry five times more clean water, significantly improving access to safe drinking water and reducing disease from contaminated sources.

Introducing our

2023 Impact Report

For over 25 years, Re-Cycle has sent more than 145,000 bikes and countless spare parts to Africa, transforming thousands of lives in rural communities. Our 2023 Impact Report highlights the significant strides we’ve made and the impact of our collective efforts. Explore our report to see the stories and milestones that define our journey and the difference we’re making together.
Containers to Africa
Bikes to Africa

A bicycle can provide a lifeline

Do you have a bicycle that you no longer use?

Donate it to Re-Cycle and help change lives.

How We Work


We collect unwanted bicycles from across the UK, saving them from ending up in landfills.


We prepare and load the bicycles into containers, which are then shipped to our partners in Africa.


Our trusted partners distribute the bicycles, any funds generated from the bicycles go towards supporting local projects.

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