Introducing our annual
Spring Sportive
With Special Guest Chris Boardman!
Join us in partnership with VC Revolution Colchester for the 2024 Spring Cycle Sportive!

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Bicycle Toolkits for Mechanics in Africa

We collect unwanted bicycles from across the UK, shipping them to Africa where they’re distributed and meticulously maintained. Our mechanics ensure these bicycles provide sustainable transportation solutions.

But to continue their vital work, we need your support. Your donation will replenish our toolkits, ensuring our mechanics have the resources they need. Every contribution makes a difference. 

Containers to Africa
Bikes to Africa

A bicycle can provide a lifeline

Do you have a bicycle that you no longer use?

Donate it to Re-Cycle and help change lives.

How We Work


We collect unwanted bicycles from across the UK, saving them from ending up in landfills.


We prepare and load the bicycles into containers, which are then shipped to our partners in Africa.


Our trusted partners distribute the bicycles, any funds generated from the bicycles go towards supporting local projects.

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