Tour De Lunsar 2024 – Empowering Sierra Leonean Cyclists

Tour De Lunsar – Sierra Leone – 18th April 2024 to 21st April 2024


Last year, Re-Cycle partnered with Village Bicycle Project in Sierra Leone, providing bicycles for their local community and cyclists. Working closely with Karim, who is also the captain and founder of Lunsar Cycling Team, we have initiated a significant impact.

Lunsar Cycling Team: “In the few short years since our inception in 2015, we have gone from strength to strength in racing and community spirit. There are now more than 30 promising young riders on our team, making Lunsar Cycling Team the largest club in the country, also boasting the biggest women’s membership of any club in Sierra Leone.”

This year Re-Cycle attended the Tour De Lunsar to see our bikes in action.


Re-Cycle Bikes to Africa Village Bicycle Project Banner in Sierra Leone Roadside spectators

DAY 1 – April 18th, 2024

The Tour De Lunsar commenced with the junior race, marking the beginning of this year’s event with excitement and anticipation, showcasing the future of the sport in Sierra Leone. Over seventy junior athletes raced through the streets of Lunsar, covering a route of one bonus and ten laps to Rogbere town, back to Lunsar, totalling five laps, accumulating sixteen laps in total in today’s ride.

Lunsar Cycling Team secured the first and third positions, while the second position was won by a team from Freetown. Notable attendees included Sallay Bongo and the Northwest Regional football chairman, ambassador Abdul Osman Turay, also known as Mr. AOT, who awarded the podium finishers.

The CEO and founder of the Tour De Lunsar, Mr. Abdul Karim Kamara, expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the first day of this year’s events.

Tour De Lunsar Podium Mens Race Re-Cycle Bikes Sierra Leone


DAY 2 – April 19th, 2024 

The men’s elite race took place today with 49 cyclists from across Sierra Leone and beyond participating in a gruelling 104km road race. Full of dramatic sprints, crashes, and high tempo aggression, the race finished with a sprint to the finish line after 3 hours and 30 minutes of racing. The crowd was even larger than the previous day, creating an electric atmosphere.


DAY 3 – April 20th, 2024

The women’s race kicked off the day’s events, featuring teams from Lunsar, Freetown, Benin, and others.

Women Girl Cyclist Sierra Leone Lunsar Bike Re-Cycle AfricaThey rode to Port Loko and back in a competitive race which saw 30 riders participating in the 71.5 km race. The Benin women secured all three podium places.

Following was the under 12s race, where many of the bikes used were from Re-Cycle, with 15 boys and 15 girls participating. Podium places were to be awarded the following day. Lastly, it was the second elite men’s race from Lunsar to Makeni and back, totalling 140kms. Another hot and high tempo race with Tenesie Dixon, the captain of Flames cycling team from Freetown, winning this stage. Nigeria defended the race lead, but Sierra Leone stole the show.


DAY 4 – April 21st, 2024

The final day of the tour arrived after four competitive days of racing for the juniors, elite women, and elite men.

Tour De Lunsar Winner Cyclist Bikes to Africa Re-CycleThe elite women’s criterium began the day. The Benin women dominated from the start and held the first, second, and third places for the entirety of the race, crow

ning them as champions. Following was the men’s criterium, which consisted of 30 laps of the circuit in the centre of Lunsar. The race was fast and competitive, with the Nigerians leading alongside a Lunsar rider. It came down to the final lap where the Lunsar rider was leading but lost control of his bike on the final corner, allowing the Nigerian men to cross the line ahead of him.

The placing presentations were awarded in a final closing ceremony with music and street entertainers. Senior dignitaries attended the event with the British High Commissioner in attendance.



The Tour has demonstrated what can be possible if you commit to the dream of supporting young people. Karim Kamara, Tour De Lunsar race director, is an inspirational figure who has inspired many Sierra Leonians to achieve their dreams.

Re-Cycle was proud to be part of this year’s Tour De Lunsar and working together with NGOs like the Village Bicycle Project to inspire the next generation.


Sierra Leone Tour De Lunsar Girl Cyclist Re-Cycle Bikes    Re-Cycle Director British High Commissioner Sierra Leone    Re-Cycle Ladies Bikes to Africa Sierra Leone

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