Re-Cycle: Transforming Lives in Ghana

Re-Cycle is dedicated to transforming the lives of communities in Africa by collecting unwanted bikes from across the UK and shipping them to our partners. Ghana, through our partnership with Village Bicycle Project, is just one of the many countries where we are making a positive impact.



One such community benefiting from our initiative is Tendoma in the West District of Ghana’s Upper West Region. With a population of approximately 1600, Tendoma is primarily agricultural, facing transportation challenges due to its remote location and relying on narrow footpaths. The inadequate road conditions make it difficult for residents, who are over 98% engaged in farming and livestock activities, to access markets and essential services.


Recognising these challenges, the Village Bicycle Project initiated a project providing 40 bicycles to the Tendoma community. The beneficiaries, comprising mainly farmers and students with a few trade apprentices, are already experiencing the positive effects of this initiative.













Farmers anticipate increased productivity and reduced travel time, enabling them to access markets more efficiently. Students express gratitude for improved school attendance and assistance in farm work, while trade apprentices, particularly weavers, appreciate the means of transport for timely commutes to their workplaces.


Mr. Eliasu, the local organiser, underscores the vital role of projects like the Village Bicycle Project in enhancing rural life. He notes that these initiatives significantly  contribute to economic development by bridging the gap between remote communities and essential services, such as education and healthcare. The provision of bicycles not only fosters sustainable development in the region but also empowers communities like Tendoma to overcome transportation challenges and improve overall quality of life.




Re-Cycle’s commitment extends beyond Ghana; we have multiple partners across Africa, each contributing to the transformative impact of unwanted bikes on communities in need. Through collaborations with organisations like the Village Bicycle Project, we strive to create a sustainable and positive difference in the lives of individuals across the continent, one unwanted bike at a time.


To read more about our partners Village Bicycle Project, Ghana, CLICK HERE

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