Our Impact

Re-Cycle has been sending bikes to Africa for 25 years and has sent over 145,000 bikes and hundreds of thousands of spare parts.

All the bikes and parts that we receive are donated by the generous UK public. Every single bike that is received into our warehouse is checked and if suitable for Africa, prepped and loaded onto a shipping container and sent to one of our partners.

Sierra Leone Bicycle
Re-Cycle Bikes to Africa
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Re-Cycle send 11,250 bicycles to our five partners across Africa.


We shipped 21 containers to Africa in 2023. That's 4 more than we targeted for!


Our dedicated team of 35 volunteers contributed over 8,300 hours to help prepare, repair and load bikes.


Over 19,500 bicycles were donated to Re-Cycle from across the UK in 2023.

We've had a jam-packed year!

Take a look at our 2023 impact report – see firsthand the positive impact we’re having and the lives we’re changing for the better.


Your Support Changes Lives...

Read the stories and experiences of the children, young people and families whose lives we are changing for the better.


The environment, recycling and sustainability is at the heart of what we do. 

 Impact Report

Measuring our impact in country is key to knowing what we are doing in the UK is having a positive change in Africa.