Applying to be an African Partner

Re-Cycle extends a warm invitation to established charities and NGOs operating within the realms of health, education, and agriculture across rural Sub-Saharan Africa. We seek partnerships with organisations that recognise the critical importance of mobility and transportation limitations in their project objectives.

Prospective applicants should be able to detail how bicycles will complement their current or future programming, and be prepared to present both qualitative and quantitative evidence on the positive impacts the bicycle will have, as well as detailed expenditure records of any income-generated from the sale of bicycles.

South Africa Partnership
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Bicycle Mechanic
Africa Partner

Our Current partners in Africa

We place great emphasis on fostering partnerships that integrate with existing bicycle economies within recipient countries. Encouraging partners to engage in the sale of bicycles and spare parts we provide serves to safeguard local bicycle vendors and traders while fostering market expansion within the bicycling sector. Through our extensive experience, we firmly believe that by attributing value to the bicycles we distribute, we contribute to the enduring popularity, sustainability, and desirability of bicycle ownership across Africa.

It’s important to note that we don’t just send bikes to anyone.

We prioritise building trusted partnerships with NGOs to ensure that bicycles are distributed ethically. This process is not quick and involves extensive conversations and meetings with potential partners. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that the donated bikes are distributed correctly and that funds circulate back into the community. 

Part of our ongoing work involves working with our partners to gather case studies and statistics on the bikes we send them, ensuring ethical usage. Additionally, we value personal connections and visit our partners to strengthen relationships and ensure the success of our collective efforts.

Ghana VBP Partnership
Re-Cycle Bikes To Africa

If you believe that your NGO could benefit from our bicycles and are interested in exploring potential collaboration opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For inquiries regarding partnership establishment, kindly direct your communication to our Director, Charlotte Ward, at [email protected]