Applying to be an African Partnership

Re-Cycle welcomes applications from established charities and NGO’s currently working in health, education and agriculture in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, that have identified limited access to mobility and transport as a key issue in their project’s aims and objectives. Prospective applicants should be able to detail how bicycles will complement their current or future programming, and be prepared to present both qualitative and quantitative evidence on the positive impacts the bicycle will have, as well as detailed expenditure records of any income-generated from the sale of bicycles.

Re-Cycle is keen to support programmes that work with the existing bicycle economies in each recipient country. We encourage partners to sell the bicycles and spares parts we ship them to protect existing bicycle vendors and traders, and encourage a market growth in the bicycling sector. From experience, Re-Cycle believes that by valuing the bicycles we send, we increase the long-term popularity, sustainability and desirability of bicycle ownership in Africa.

Re-Cycle donates the contents of each shipping container. The applicant will need to pay the shipping costs from the UK, all  importation fees and duties at the port of arrival, and all overland transport costs to the project site. Landlocked countries may incur extra fees/regulations between boarders.

If you are interested in partnering with us please email our Africa Partner Manager –