Cycle to School Project in The Gambia

Empowering Education through the Cycle to School Project in The Gambia.


In West Africa, the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) is creating change through its approach to education and healthcare services. Our latest spotlight is on the transformative initiative – the “Cycle to School Bike Project” – addressing the challenges faced by students enduring long commutes to school in The Gambia.



Meet Habby and Fatoumata

Let’s introduce you to Habby and Fatoumata, both vibrant 17-year-old students attending Jappineh Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School. These inspiring young individuals recently became proud beneficiaries of the Cycle to School project.

Before receiving their bicycles, they navigated a daily struggle, traveling over 7 kilometers to get to school, relying on chance lifts from passing cars.


The Cycle to School Project

The Cycle to School Bike Project aims to enhance students’ academic performance by tackling the hurdles posed by lengthy daily commutes. Bicycles are distributed to students facing the most extended journeys, empowering them to overcome transportation challenges and focus more on their education.



Impact on Habby and Fatoumata
Since receiving bicycles through the Cycle to School scheme, their lives have transformed positively. The daily struggle of finding transportation has evolved into the joy and efficiency of cycling to school. This not only saves them valuable time but also significantly reduces the financial burden associated with transportation fares. Now, Habby and Fatoumata can allocate more time and energy to their studies, contributing to an improvement in their overall academic performance.




Gratitude and Empowerment
Habby and Fatoumata express heartfelt gratitude to WYCE and the Cycle to School program for providing them with the means to overcome commuting challenges.

Their stories show the broader impact of the initiative, which extends beyond providing bicycles. The Cycle to School Project fosters a supportive environment that empowers young learners like Habby and Fatoumata to break down barriers to education.


Broader Impact
The Cycle to School Bike Project is about more than just providing bicycles; it’s about empowering the future of The Gambia. By addressing transportation challenges, WYCE enables students to access education more easily, promoting a positive cycle of learning and development within the community.



Habby’s and Fatoumata’s journeys stand as a testament to the transformative power of initiatives like the Cycle to School Bike Project. Through the dedication of organisations like WYCE, students in The Gambia are not just receiving bicycles but also gaining access to a brighter future filled with educational opportunities. The impact of this project extends beyond individual students, creating a ripple effect that contributes to the overall development and well-being of the community.



To read more about the WYCE Cycle to School Project CLICK HERE

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