Case Study: Isatu’s Story – Sierra Leone


Meet Isatu, a 28-year-old teacher from Lunsar, Sierra Leone.


Isatu Bangura with her new bicycle

Isatu Bangura, a 28-year-old teacher from Lunsar, Sierra Leone, saw her life change dramatically with the help of a bicycle from Re-Cycle’s partner, Village Bicycle Project.

Isatu’s motivation to purchase a bicycle for 1,300 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) (roughly £52.00) was simple: to improve her daily commute and save money. As a secondary school teacher with a modest monthly salary of 1,950 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) (roughly £78.00), transportation costs were a heavy financial burden.

Before owning her bicycle, Isatu endured a two-hour daily commute, covering 6 miles on foot and using public transportation. This journey was not only time-consuming but also expensive.

With her new bicycle, Isatu’s daily commute was transformed. The 2-hour journey became a brisk 35-minute 5-mile ride, significantly reducing transportation expenses and saving valuable time.

Isatu’s bicycle served as a versatile mode of transportation, enabling her to shop, visit neighboring communities, and reach her school in Lunsar with ease.

Beyond personal use, her bicycle benefited her entire family, with her siblings using it to access their father’s farm and the local market, expanding its positive impact.


Isatu and Eleanor

As a secondary school teacher and a mother, Isatu’s story demonstrates how a bicycle can transform lives in Africa. It improved her daily commute, saved her money, and empowered her to provide a better future for her child and siblings. Isatu’s journey exemplifies the positive change donors can bring to African communities through bicycle initiatives.





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