Case Study: Given’s Story – South Africa


Meet Given Ngejane from Muizenberg, South Africa.


Given is a hardworking man in his late forties from Muizenberg, a small costal town 20 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa. Having access to a bike is vital to Given’s life as he must travel over 10miles per day to and from work. A bike also gives him the ability to complete chores, head to the shops for essentials and visit family and friends he would otherwise be too far away to see.

Before receiving his new bicycle from Re-Cycle, and our on locations partner BEN, Given had a bike that was very unreliable, slow and with only a single gear. This put him at significant risk of being robbed, due to his inability to ride away from danger at any meaningful pace. This risk became a reality when his previous bike was taken from him by thieves, an awful occurrence that had an unimaginable impact on his life.

Given is extremely excited and grateful to be the recipient of a SMART bike from Re-Cycle. A high quality, robust bike with hybrid tyres and SMART gears. The bike is a great source of pride for Given and has restored so much of the independence that was taken from him. He loves riding in the fresh air and being free of a transport system that saw him spending R1500 on potentially unsafe taxi’s.

Given is extremely proud of his new bicycle and grateful to his friend Colin who introduced him to the people at BEN where he was able to purchase this new bike. The money he paid to BEN will be utilised to support local initiatives and communities, meaning Given’s new bike will change more lives than just his own.


Re-Cycle have been partnering with Bicycling Empowerment Network for the past 15 years. Over this time we have worked together to distribute bikes to thousands of people in communities in South Africa.

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