Re-Cycle Announces New Partnership with 3StyleScooters

Re-Cycle is thrilled to announce a new partnership with 3StyleScooters, a renowned family-run business in the kids scooter industry.


This strategic collaboration is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The union between Re-Cycle and 3StyleScooters is not only evident in their mission alignment but also in their physical proximity, with both organisations having warehouses located on the same estate.


One of the key benefits of this partnership is the reduced environmental impact. With 3StyleScooters’ warehouse conveniently situated near Re-Cycle’s own facility, the donated scooters can be seamlessly transported, minimising emissions and saving these scooters from ending up in landfills.

3StyleScooters, known for their top quality products, has generously committed to donating scooters to Re-Cycle. These scooters, often customer returns or imperfect items that cannot be resold, still have significant life in them. By redirecting these scooters to Re-Cycle, 3StyleScooters demonstrates a commendable commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


The thoughtful contribution of scooters from 3StyleScooters aligns with Re-Cycle’s core mission. “We are proud to be working with 3StyleScooters on this initiative,” said Georgia Brown, Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Re-Cycle. “While our main mission is providing bikes to Africa to improve transport opportunities, collaborating with 3StyleScooters allows us to expand our impact by saving unwanted scooters from landfill and providing them as an extra donation to children in Africa.”


The scooters, along with the bikes already being sent by Re-Cycle, will be packed into the gaps in containers and shipped to partners in Africa. This partnership highlights the shared commitment of both organisations to the environment and underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in making a positive impact on a local and global scale.




Read more from 3StyleScooters HERE

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