Meet our Vounteer Graham


100 Hours  |  567 Bikes Collected


Graham, a retiree with a wealth of experience in accountancy, transport, and customer service, has been a dedicated volunteer at Re-Cycle for the past six months. In this time, Graham has generously contributed 100 hours of his time to Re-Cycle.


His primary role as a bike collector involves driving the bright green Re-Cycle van across the UK to collect unwanted bicycles from generous donors, ensuring these bikes find a new purpose in communities across Africa.



Reflecting on his decision to join Re-Cycle, Graham shares,

“In the summer of 2023, I spotted an advertisement from Re-Cycle for a “Bike collector” and immediately thought that’s the perfect role for me. Working for a charity that makes a great difference to people’s lives in Africa resonated with the way I felt about life.”

Graham’s efforts have led to the collection of an impressive 567 unwanted bikes, each representing a potential source of empowerment for African communities in need.

Re-Cycle’s mission is to provide affordable and sustainable transportation solutions to communities in Africa. These bikes, carefully collected by dedicated volunteers like Graham, are shipped to various communities, enhancing mobility and transforming lives.


Graham’s experience as a volunteer goes beyond the numbers; he shares,

“During the past six months, I have enjoyed meeting lots of people and organisations while collecting their donated bikes and hearing their stories,”

This human touch adds a personal dimension to the charity’s efforts, creating a network of support and understanding that spans the country. Graham also highlights the exceptional camaraderie at Re-Cycle, emphasising the dedication of the team.

“The team at Re-Cycle in Wormingford are surely the best people I have ever worked with and to a person their warm friendly nature and commitment to bikes for Africa is second to none.”

The collaborative and supportive environment fosters a sense of purpose among volunteers, amplifying the impact of their collective efforts.

Graham with Mark, Workshop Manager


At Re-Cycle, we deeply appreciate the invaluable contribution of volunteers like Graham.

We recognise that without their dedication, our charity would be unable to fulfill its mission. Our volunteers play a multifaceted role, not only in collecting bicycles but also working diligently in the warehouse and actively participating in loading containers for shipping. Their commitment is indispensable, and without them, we wouldn’t achieve as much as we do in a cost-effective manner.




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