Case Study: Cecilia’s Story – Ghana


Meet Cecilia Badaar, age 12, from Kondopie, northwest Ghana.


In 2019, at a time when Cecilia was trekking 10km twice daily to attend Kalsagri Junior High School, there was a bicycle program that ran in her nearby town Lawra. Three of Cecilia’s classmates were lucky enough to receive bicycles to ease their journey to school but unfortunately Cecilia missed out. In 2021, due to the exhausting length of her walk to school, Cecilia dropped out of school.

Since then Cecilia began visiting the Village Bicycle Project’s programme manager at her local Women Empowerment Programme Office to find out when there would be another program. Cecilia was regularly assured that her dream of owning a bicycle would come true with the next bicycle delivery.

On the 23rd of September, 2022, Cecilia received her bike!

After a one day bicycle workshop she was ready to go. It’s great news that Cecilia is now back at school and extremely grateful to the Village Bicycle Project and partners for the bike that changed her life.


Re-Cycle have been partnering with Village Bicycle Project for the past 15 years. Over this time we have worked together to distribute bikes to thousands of people in communities in Ghana.

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