South Africa Field Trip – Day 4


Friday 6th May 2022

Day 2 of training today and final day in South Africa.

The BECs owners arrived promptly at 9am to start training following a very successful day yesterday.
The things that they covered today included headset bearings, wheel hub bearings, tubeless tyre systems, gear adjustments and they also talked about chain and gear cassette compatibility amount many other things. So over the two days the BECs owners have received a complete training package about the whole bike! Well done Chris – he did a great job in the environment he was working in and different levels of skills and knowledge that the BECs owner had. He can now rest on the 12 hour flight on the way home this evening!

Charlotte was in the office with the staff and catching up on emails from the week as well as completing the customs documents for the container we have just finished loading in the warehouse that is being collected next week to come here to BEN! What a shame we can’t see its arrival and the work and excitement that creates!
Pizza was brought in by BEN to feed the hungry trainer and learners which went down very quickly along with a good discussion about some of their plans to support their local communities.

Our bags are now packed and heading for the airport for our flight at 7pm this evening. Chris and I have had an amazing experience during this week and we don’t really want it to end. We wished the team well and promised to see them again in 2 years’ time. Until next time….