South Africa Field Trip – Day 3


Thursday 5th May 2022



Today is training day! This is where Chris comes into his own.
When we arrived at BEN HQ at 9.15am the BECs owners were ready and waiting for their day of training. After introductions, Chris set up his training area and introduced the participants to his format for the day. The participants were keen and raring to learn! Mr Bean, Morgan, Jason, Fago and Trevor were engaged and had lots of questions. The things that Chris covered on his training included hydraulic brake bleeding and adjustment, v brake adjustment, suspension fork servicing and bottom bracket servicing.



Just before lunch, Louis Da Waal, the founder of BEN arrived with his dog Maggie on his Royal Mail bike to meet Chris and I and joined us for lunch. It was lovely to meet Louis and talk to him about bikes. We were treated to a traditional Braai with boerewors that was prepared in the car park area. The timing of lunch was perfect as at midday the power across the region was turned off due to shed loading. We shared a local beer and chatted around the BBQ. Such a great experience!

After the braai and the electricity being turned on again, Chris continued with his training in the afternoon with the BECs owners. The day was a great success and the BEC owners were very grateful to Chris for his time and knowledge sharing.
After another busy, long day we went to the Waterfront for a light meal and visited Tim’s bike shop where on every first Thursday of the month they hold a bike ride where locals go on a bike ride around the city in the dark and then meet after for a few drinks. We met some of the locals and had a quick drink before getting an Uber home. Another great day!


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