Cross Europe Cycle Ride Fundraiser


For the past 13 years 2 cycle enthusiasts Sven Gade and Frank Scharlau, have cycled across Europe raising funds for Re-Cycle.  They started in Glasgow in 2010 and cycled for 5 days each year, finally finishing in Istanbul at the point where Europe meets Asia.  The original plan was to do the challenge over 10 years but this was delayed due to Covid.

The grand finale of the tour was on Friday 27th May and Sven was very keen to have representation from Re-Cycle to celebrate the end of the event.  Claire, Re-Cycle’s Director and Charlotte, Re-Cycle’s Africa Partner Manager, travelled to Istanbul to greet Sven and Frank plus their family and friends and to cheer them across the finish line.  Sven and Frank were both delighted that Re-Cycle could be there to witness the end of their epic journey and Re-Cycle is very grateful for all of their support.  Altogether, they have raised over £9000 for Re-Cycle which is amazing and will help us ship even more bikes to Africa.

Thank you so much Sven and Frank!

Your support makes a difference...

Help Provide a Bicycle Lifeline to People in Rural Africa.

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make to us will be used to help provide a bicycle lifeline to people in rural Africa.

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