Re-Cycle Don’t Just Send Bikes But Spare Parts As well

Our 0% waste policy makes for a better environment in which we live…


The environment, recycling and sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We want to promote an environmentally conscious worldview where nothing is wasted and everything is used to its full potential – this is why the bicycle is our vehicle of choice!

The ethos behind our work is sustainability. Re-Cycle works in partnership with four organisations across four different African countries, each one doing something inspiring and empowering with the bicycles we send them. All own and run bike social enterprises – this ensures that the bikes we provide can be repaired, distributed and maintained for a long time to come.

We send our partners bikes, spare parts and tools (for free) that can be sold for a fraction of market value via their bicycle social enterprise.

The workshop that Re-Cycle helped to set up in The Gambia helps many African families who may travel along way to get their bikes repaired or to buy replacement parts. Re-Cycle don’t just send bikes to Africa, but we also send spare parts and tools so that bikes can be repaired and become a sustainable mode of transport. This bike is used to carry wood and other household needs for the family.