Meet Babacarr – 12 days of Christmas Special


Meet Babacarr, age 13, from The Gambia.


Babacarr attends Albreda School in rural Gambia. He lives 6km from his school and he would walk for one and a half hours to school everyday. He would leave his home for school in the morning only as it started to get light, and when he left school in the afternoon he knew that he had a long journey before he would get home and start helping his family with the chores.

As part of the Cycle to School programme, delivered in partnership with Re-Cycle, Babacarr received his bike via WYCE! Now that he has a bicycle, he can leave home in the daylight and arrive to school on time and not tired.

Thanks to Re-Cycle his 6km journey now takes him half an hour. He does not dread his long journey home and knows that he will arrive safely in the daylight.

Your support makes a difference...

Help Provide a Bicycle Lifeline to People in Rural Africa.

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make to us will be used to help provide a bicycle lifeline to people in rural Africa.

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