We’re challenging you to cycle 40, 200 or 400 miles in 30 days

Every time we send a container to our partners in Africa we fill it with around 500 bicycles, spare parts, and tools. It costs £32 to send each bicycle to Africa.

This summer we are asking for your support.

Help us raise funds so we can continue to send bicycles to Africa, and change lives.

Gear Up To Do Some Pedal-powered Fundraising

From the 1st to 30th September, we are asking you to jump on your bike and take on the challenge of riding one of three distances for Re-Cycle.

Whichever way you choose to ride, inside or outside, we want you to pedal the extra mile, get fit and help us to change even more lives.

Use any bike to cover your distance. Get some air into your lungs and take advantage of the warmer weather; use a static bike at home; or hit the gym - it all adds up.

As a way of saying thank you for your fundraising achievements, we are giving away some free rewards.

Make sure you’ve signed up to receive them!

Raise £100 and you will receive a Cycle 4 Re-Cycle medal.

Raise £300 and you will receive a Cycle 4 Re-Cycle t-shirt.

The top prize will be for the participant who manages to cycle the most miles for Re-Cycle in September!

For many African people a bicycle is their only mode of transport and our bicycles have been a lifeline for many people, especially during the global pandemic.

A bicycle can be used to carry passengers and heavy loads, giving families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life.

Pedal the extra mile, get fit and help us to change more lives

Online Sign Up Is Now Open

There is no registration fee, all we are asking is for you to raise a minimum of £32, that’s the cost of shipping one bicycle to Africa. Why not go the extra mile and raise even more, so we can help more people living in rural communities in Africa.

Sign up is through Just Giving


Your challenge is to Cycle 4 Re-Cycle. Whether you’re a keen cyclist or not, this challenge is open to children and adults to take part.  Sign up on your own or as part of a team, the choice is yours.  Complete any one of the distances and we will support you every pedal of the way.

Cycle4Re-Cycle is open to all abilities! Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or more of a novice rider, so long as you can ride a bike in August you can take part, get fitter, feel better and help send more bikes and change more lives in Africa!

Yes, absolutely. They’ll need an adult to register on their behalf. We must ensure that all contact details are that of the child’s parent or legal guardian. We’ll only communicate with the adult. We don’t have permission to speak to under 18s about fundraising and the challenge.

No there is no fee to take part. We do encourage you to raise a minimum of £32. If you can raise more that would be awesome.  Why not aim for £100 and receive a Cycle 4 Re-Cycle challenge medal!

It’s easy to register.  You can find the registration form here > www.justgiving.com/campaign/cycle4re-cycle-2023

You can use any bike you like to cover the distance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hired bike, a borrowed bike, a superfast road bike, a tandem, a static bike, or using a turbo trainer at home or in the gym. You can ride outside, inside or do a bit of both.