Below you will find all the essential information needed for a month of cycling, along with answers to our most frequently asked questions. Any further questions? Simply drop us an email and we’ll be happy to answer:

Riding safely

We’re so pleased that you’ve signed up to the Cycle 4 Re-Cycle Challenge and we’re here to make sure you achieve your best. It’s always best to make sure that you look after your Health & Safety when undertaking a challenge event.

Whenever you're doing exercise, especially outside, it's really important you're keeping safe. That means wearing high visibility clothing so other road users can see you easily, having decent bike lights and if you're not confident on them, avoiding busy roads.

Always bear in mind the weather conditions and be prepared for glorious sunshine or heavy downpours of rain.  Make sure you stay hydrated so take drink and snacks with you to keep you going.

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to email and we will be happy to help.

Your challenge is to take on one of the four routes, or all if you are feeling energetic. Whether you’re a keen cyclist or not, this challenge is open to children and adults to take part.  Sign up on your own or as part of a team, the choice is yours.  Complete anyone or all the distances and we will support you every pedal of the way.

Cycle4Re-Cycle is open to all abilities! Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or more of a novice rider, so long as you can ride a bike in September you can take part, get fitter, feel better and help send more bikes and change more lives in Africa!

Yes, absolutely, but they’ll need an adult to register on their behalf. We must ensure that all contact details are that of the child's parent or legal guardian. We’ll only communicate with the adult. We don’t have permission to speak to under 18s about fundraising and the challenge.

No there isn’t but we are asking you to raise a minimum of £28 which is the cost of sending one bike to Africa.  If you can raise more that would be awesome.  Why not set yourself a target!

It’s easy to register.  You can email for the registration form

You can use any bike you like to cover the distance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hired bike, a borrowed bike, a superfast road bike, a tandem, a static bike, or using a turbo trainer at home or in the gym. You can ride outside, inside or do a bit of both.

The challenge doesn’t officially begin until the 1st of September, and you won’t be able to log your miles until then. But we encourage you to get your bike warmed up and ready for the ride and start training.

General Fundraising

There are loads of great ways to fundraise. The best way to get started is to personalise your JustGiving page and share the link with family, friends, neighbours, or colleagues.

Using social media is also a great way to raise awareness. Post your fundraising page link to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with pictures and videos of your cycling and regular updates on your progress to inspire your supporters.

Don't be afraid to ask for sponsorship, people enjoy seeing their family and friends take on a challenge for charity. The more you raise, the more you'll be motivated to go the distance and help Re-Cycle to change lives!

If you prefer not to use an online fundraising page, please email us for our Fundraising sponsorship form.

Naturally, we want everyone taking part to fundraise, but you don't have to. You are welcome to sign up and join our community of cyclists even if you don't want to fundraise.

Instead, we would ask you to consider donating yourself of £28 (or as much as you feel you can afford). You can donate directly to your fundraising page, or via our website. Just make sure you tell us if you have donated.

Check out the leaderboards on this website to see what your fellow cyclists are up to. We’ll be posting regularly on our social channels to keep you motivated

You can also see how your fellow cyclists are doing on social media or post your own photos, distances and tagging @bicyclecharity.

Yes, and we'd encourage you to especially if you are taking on the longer routes! You'll have the option to create a new team or join an existing one when you sign up via Just Giving. Cycling is a great way to socialise and taking part as a team means you can spur each other on and combine your efforts to reach bigger goals. If you can't hit the roads together simply ride solo, log your miles individually and keep track as you collectively peddle your way to victory.

There are lots of apps that can do this for you – just head over to the app or play store you use. Apps like Strava can also link to your JustGiving page if you want to log your distances automatically (see How do I connect Strava to my fundraising page? below for help on how to do this).

After you have registered, simply head to your fundraising page, and click the 'Connect with Strava' button.

 If you don’t have an app, no problem. You can simply log your miles by manually entering them into your fundraising page. If you're not sure how far your ride is going to be, you can plan your route in google maps (or any other GPS) and you will be able to see how many miles your route is.

Help and Support

You can find lots of helpful information about fundraising through JustGiving here and you can contact if you're having technical problems with your page or your donors are having issues with their donations.

We’re on hand to help if you have any questions about your challenge or fundraising.
Just email us on or call us on 01206 617865