Christmas Appeal 2022

Please support our Christmas appeal by giving Re-Cycle a gift this year in lieu of a Christmas present to a loved one.

Your donation to Re-Cycle will go towards sending bicycles to children and adults living in rural communities in Africa, giving them greater independence and a better quality of life, through bicycle re-use.

Donate in lieu of a Christmas present for a loved one and we will send you a digital gift certificate for you to add a message and send to the recipient.

Donate £5, £10, £20 or another amount and you will be automatically entered into a prize drawer to win a Fortnum and Masons Hamper. Prize draw winner to be selected on Friday 16th December 2022.

Ways to take part in our Christmas appeal:

Thank you for your kind donation to our Christmas appeal, which is greatly appreciated and will enable the charity to continue changing even more lives in 2023.

Read below how your help can change even more lives like Norrias and Naba.

Norrias Kashimba

Norrias is 48 years old and lives in Luansobe in Zambia.

He has dedicated his life to being a pastor, in and around the local area and would spend many hours a day travelling by foot spreading the word of God. Now that he has got a bike, he can travel much larger distances in a shorter space of time helping people throughout his working day. Norrias says that his bike has helped him make evangelism easy and he has been able to reach out to many more people.

Naba Sanyang

This is Naba Sanyang. She is 15 years old and attends the local school in Madina Salam in The Gambia.

She is in Grade 10. Aswell as attending school, she helps her mother with daily chores. Her mother sells fish in the village and Naba helps her mum by cycling down to the beach to get the fish and takes them to her mother to sell. The income they get from selling the fish feeds their family. The bike that Naba uses to collect the fish from the beach was donated by Re-Cycle which she bought from the Wonder Years Centre of excellent (WYCE) bike workshop earlier this year. She is able to travel to and from the beach much quicker on a bike rather than walking and she can carry more fish in the bucket that she places on her head whilst she cycles home.