Become a Bike drop off point

Could you help us to send more bikes to Africa and save the environment at the same time?

With so many abandoned bikes being left unloved around the UK, we are keen for bike retail outlets and/or individuals to set up bike drop off points so that we can re-cycle these bikes and send them to our partners in Africa.

You could be involved in a one-off bike pop up drop off point or become a regular drop off point.

If you are keen to get involved in becoming a bike drop off point then we would love to hear from you please contact

These are the types of bikes that we like to receive 

Bikes we can take

  • Less than 25% rust
  • 20″ wheel or greater
  • Adult Hybrid Bike
  • Adult Mountain Bikes
  • Adult Road Bikes

Bikes we can’t take

  • Kids Toy Small Bikes
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
  • Rusty Bikes